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    Rizolva is a leadership tool that uses management best practice in the leadership of strategy, people, processes, applications and data.
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    Rizolva enables you to understand, control and predict the likely scenarios and options emerging from major business transformation and development.
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    Rizolva empowers you to take key strategic decisions, by placing every essential knowledge resource at your fingertips.

Urgent business problem?
You need:

  • A solution that has the technical and business capabilities to overcome it
  • Trust in the solution provider who will act in your best interest to achieve the desired business outcome
  • Confidence that the advice is fully researched, robust and validated
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Access your cloud consultant!

A rapid, simple, convenient and interactive way to access expertise …shop at our knowledge superstore to access what you need when you need it…all at the click of a mouse
  • Simple search and retrieval of knowledge based on your search preference
  • Browse the things that are important to you
  • Select your item(s), pay and download - job done !
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Cloud consultant
People, Process, Technology

The winning business formulae = People + Process + Technology

A balance of expertise in people, process and ICT (information communications technology) is required to sustain your digital business future
  • People  manage your business operations
  • Process  defines manual or automated workflow steps that enable effectiveness
  • ICT  provides the technology platforms, applications and information to enable efficiency
The benefits of Rizolva:
  • Low cost, PAYG
  • Instant and easy access to subject oriented knowledge
  • Trust in formally researched, referenced knowledge
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The winning work formulae
= Knowledge + Skill + Competence

People possess 3 key capabilities which differentiate real talent and successful businesses
  • Knowledge = the "know-what"
  • Skill = the "know-how"
  • Competence = professional and technical ability helping you apply your "know-what" and "know-how"!
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Work formula

The winning knowledge formulae
= Market + Academic + Business + Industry + Experience the 5 pivotal perspectives:


vendor product/service, how to evaluate and select, contract for and implement


theory from thought leaders, learning and educational specialists and executive business school thinking


best, good, right practice – accepted ways of getting things done correctly


standards, body-of-knowledge references, and process frameworks that provide control, governance and compliance


insights from experienced practitioners

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Convenient Access to Knowledge via many search options